The Mauna Kea 33 Fire - At the Intersection of Suppression & Conservation Challenges

This fire burned over 1,300 acres of native forest immediately adjacent to Mauna Kea State Park.  It is important because it reveals the complexity and challenges of fire response, in addition to the vulnerability valued resources on the Hawaiian landscapes

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El Niño and Fire Weather on Pacific Islands

The current (2015-2016), strong El Niño is forecast to bring dry conditions to our region this winter and spring.  This PFX fact sheet illustrates how droughts under prior El Niños have resulted in extensive fires across the region.  This indicates the current forecast is an opportunity to plan and increase preparedness for conditions of higher fire danger.

Post-fire vegetation and soil monitoring guide for Hawaii

This PFX and University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension guide outlines methods to assess and monitor the post-fire condition of vegetation and soils.  Using these simple, quantitative techniques, managers can track post-fire recovery and the effectiveness of post-fire management such as slope stabilization, weed control, and restoration.