National Weather Service Keetch-Byram Drought Index and Fire Weather Products

The National Weather Service Fire Weather page for Hawaii includes links to current conditions and forecasts.  The Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) is a useful indicator of potential fire weather and is updated daily.  Larger values of KBDI (>600) indicate drought conditions and have been associated with the occurrence of large fires in Hawaii.  NWS also provides spot weather forecasts that can be used for specific locations in the event of a wildfire incident.

HWMO's Hawaii State Wildfire History Online

The Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization complied a spatially explicit, statewide wildfire history for Hawaii and the PFX has made it accessible as an online interactive map hosted by the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii.  Hover over points to see incident size and data or draw polygons to create mini-fire histories for your management areas..  

Hawaii Island Vegetation Fire Risk WebTool

The Hawaii Vegetation Fire Risk webtool is designed to assist users with estimating vegetation-related fire risk on the island of Hawaii.  This research webtool, developed by Greg Asner at the Carnegie Institution for Science, combines Carnegie and NASA technology for monitoring of near-current and historical vegetation fire risk conditions on the Island of Hawaii. The slider at the bottom changes the date of satellite image, and a click on the map provides the history of any point on the ground back to 2005. Each time-graph is downloadable.

Andrew Pierce - Mapping Fuels at Landscape Scales by Integrating Plot-level and Multi-Spectral Data

Slideshow presentation by Dr. Andrew Pierce at the 2011 PFX Workshop on fuel mapping using plot-leveland multi-spectral data. He uses a sample site at Pohakuloa Training Area as a demonstration of the modeling technique. Goals of his work include: using "surface and canopy fuels maps to predict expected fire behaviors for PTA under current and future climate scenarios (warmer and/or drier)" and combining "fuels maps with threatened & endangered species locations to prioritize fuel and optimally locate treatments."

Assessing Wildfire Danger in the Pacific Northwest Region, USA

Slideshow presentation by Paul Hessburg and Keith Reynolds (U.S. Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station) about a computer model that evaluates severe wildfire danger and provides a method for prioritizing watersheds for fuel treatments.

Fire Prediction in Hawaii

Slideshow presentation by Francis M. Fujioka (U.S. Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Research Station) on fire weather, danger, and behavior prediction in Hawaii. The presentation includes information on the history of the Hawaii fire danger rating, the current Hawaii Fire Danger Rating System, fire weather modeling, and fire behavior prediction for Hawaii.