Hawaii Island Vegetation Fire Risk WebTool

The Hawaii Vegetation Fire Risk webtool is designed to assist users with estimating vegetation-related fire risk on the island of Hawaii.  This research webtool, developed by Greg Asner at the Carnegie Institution for Science, combines Carnegie and NASA technology for monitoring of near-current and historical vegetation fire risk conditions on the Island of Hawaii. The slider at the bottom changes the date of satellite image, and a click on the map provides the history of any point on the ground back to 2005. Each time-graph is downloadable.

Fire Research Institute Library

A not-for-profit organization with 80,000 citations for books, journal articles, videos, training manuals, dissertations, news reports, and other material on wildland fire. Moreover, the collection includes citations relevant to Hawaii and the Pacific. Contact the administrator, Jason Greenlee, for PDFs of non-copyrighted material

Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization

HWMO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization "dedicated to education, outreach and technical assistance, project implementation, and research focused on wildfire prevention, mitigation and post-fire recovery in Hawaii and the Pacific." Website includes resources for Citizens, Educators, First Responders, Decision Makers, Fire Scientists, and Resource Managers. HWMO also offers a wide-range of its own unique products that are useful for all of the groups mentioned above.