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Webinar: WindNinja Mobile for Field Personnel

Date: Thursday, Dec. 8th 2016

Time: 8:00-9:00am HST (1:00-2:00pm EST)

Host: Southern Fire Exchange

Near-surface wind is a major factor for wildland fire spread and behavior. Local-scale terrain and vegetation can significantly alter wind over small scales that are not captured by standard weather prediction models and are not easily anticipated by even experienced fire managers. The USFS Missoula Fire Sciences Lab has developed a fast-running, high-resolution, wind model called WindNinja for use by wildland fire managers.

WindNinja is a powerful tool for predicting wind fields in complex terrain, but the desktop program is inconvenient for field users. To solve this problem, WindNinja-Mobile has been developed so field-going personnel can also benefit from these high resolution wind forecasts on their phones and tablets. This tool provides improved capability to identify areas where local winds may either increase fire behavior or not influence fire. This information helps us all to make better fire management decisions.

This webinar will give an overview of the WindNinja model and the new mobile interface (WindNinja-Mobile). 

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