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Seminar: Thinking big: People, landscape change, & novel fire regimes in the Pacific

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016

Time: 3:30pm HST

Location: St. John Building, Room 11, University of Hawaii Manoa

Presented/ Hosted by: Dr. Clay Trauernicht / UH Natural Resources & Environmental Management

Details: The proportion of land area affected by wildland fire in Hawaii and western Pacific Islands such as Yap, Guam, and Palau is equal to, and in some years greatly exceeds, that of states in the Western US. The impacts of fires can be particularly acute on Pacific Islands given the proximity and tight linkages among communities, watersheds, and nearshore resources. This presentation will provide a brief introduction to fire ecology and the extent and drivers of wildland fire on Pacific Islands. This background will provide a jumping off point to explore new research on how fire history can be used to assess changes in landscape flammability in Hawaiian watersheds within the context of ecosystem services and climate change. The talk will conclude with an overview of the Pacific Fire Exchange, a multi-partner effort to improve the integration and application of fire science in land management, planning, and conservation through stakeholder engagement.

Later Event: November 14
International Smoke Symposium