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Workshop: Wildland Fire Risk & Mitigation Strategies for Pacific Islands

Workshop on Wildland Fire in the Pacific

When: March 20th, 2017 from 8am-12pm

Where: PRiMO Conference 2017, Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu

Understanding the social and environmental factors that drive fire risk and the available strategies to reduce that risk is critical information for planners, community outreach and education efforts, and both marine and terrestrial resource management programs. This half-day training is co-developed by the Pacific Fire Exchange and the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization.

  • How climate, vegetation, and human activities affect fire occurrence on Pacific Islands and the impacts of fire on cultural and natural resources.
  • Current strategies, informational resources, and funding opportunities available that target fire risk reduction. (Community Wildfire Protection Plans and public outreach, pre-fire planning and fuels management and risk reduction, mitigating social and ecological impacts).
  • Informational resources and their application using case studies
  • Facilitated discussion with training participants about current needs and potential partnerships between fire-related projects and other natural disaster work in the Pacific.