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Speaker: Randy Swaty, Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy
Presented By: LANDFIRE, Joint Fire Science Program, Southern Fire Exchange

Randy Swaty, Ecologist with The Nature Conservancy, offers a primer to LANDFIRE, aka “LANDFIRE 101,” that explains the suite of tools that are available those who need science-based data in order to restore/conserve/manage large landscapes in the U.S. Maps and application examples are focused on the Southern Fire Exchange region. He will describe what LANDFIRE is, where to get the products, how you can use them, when and how often the data is updated, and who to contact to learn more -- all in 45 minutes or less. Though examples and maps refer to southeast U.S. locations, information applies to all landscapes across the U.S. There will be time for Q & A.

LANDFIRE and the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) have developed a series of webinars that that are designed to help land managers and others understand and use data resources to assist them when making decisions regarding large landscape projects.

Because the suite of LANDFIRE tools are based in vegetation history and current conditions, they can be applied in both fire and non-fire related activities and are particularly suited for running scenarios and considering management plans.

Each series of three webinars share the same components: an introduction to LANDFIRE (aka LANDFIRE 101), a look at a report or case study of how LANDFIRE products were and are being used on the ground, and a session on customizing data for specific landscapes. Each includes information that is based in the geographic area of the particular consortium. Because the components offer the same resource information, you are welcome to register for any of the sessions in any region.

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