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Effects of Wildland Fire & Fire Management on Amphibians & Reptiles Symposium

Presented By: Oak Woodlands & Forests Consortium

The symposium goal was to present the state of knowledge on the effects of fire on the behavior, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles, and to discuss solutions that best integrate habitat management with species persistence.

The Oak Woodlands & Forests Consortium Vimeo channel is host to eight recorded presentations, national in scope, about current science and perspectives concerning amphibians, reptiles, and fire:

  • Amphibians in Fire-Prone Landscapes: What Information is Needed?
  • Snakes on Fire: The Effects of Prescribed Fire on the Habitat Use, Energetics, and Survival of the Black Racer
  • Fire Impacts on Reptiles: Past, Present and Future
  • Living at the Edge: Challenges and Considerations for Managing Gopher Tortoise Habitats with Fire
  • Managing the Matrix: How Prescribed Fires are Necessary for Preserving Stable Metapopulations of the Eastern Collared Lizard
  • Reducing the Impacts of Prescribed Fire on the Eastern Box Turtle
  • Herpetofaunal Response to Prescribed Burning in Southern Appalachian Upland Hardwood Forest
  • The Role of Fire in Structuring and Restoring Habitat for Lizards and Snakes in Longleaf Pine Ecosystems

See videos of the symposium