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Webinar: First Annual Review of Wildfires in Hawaii - 2017

Date: Thursday, Feb. 15th


Time: 1pm to 2pm HST

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Call In: +1 (562) 247-8422
Access Code: 483-012-827
Webinar ID: 722-215-691


With each wildfire incident, we gain valuable experience and insight. Sharing knowledge and experience between responders, managers, and researchers, and also with a broader public, can:

  • Deepen and expand everyone’s understanding of wildfire drivers, behavior, and response.
  • Improve wildfire response, management, and science
  • Reduce wildfire’s negative impacts on individual lives, communities, natural resources, and response agency budgets.

Discussion Facilitator & Participants: Clay Trauernicht, University of Hawaii Wildfire Extension Specialist, will present basic information about Hawaii's 2017 wildfires. Attendees are encouraged to chime in and use this Annual Wildfire Review as an opportunity to ask questions and share & discuss their experiences and Lessons Learned with 2017's wildfire incidents. 

Intended Audience:

  • Emergency & Fire Responders - From Volunteers to Chiefs
  • Landowners
  • Land & Natural Resource Managers
  • Researchers
  • Decision-makers
  • Conservation organizations
  • Community groups